All too often a great presentation was ruined by lousy sound. That horrible feedback squeal that sends everybody running and you standing there with a low-impact presentation. There is a better way. . . .

By Request Communications, Inc. maintains a full selection of small, medium and large sound reinforcement systems. These systems are custom built for each individual application and are available with trained technicians to guarantee a successful show. All of our systems are built with quality, name brand manufacturers known for outstanding sound reproduction. Currently, our inventory includes equipment from: Carver,Yamaha, Sony, Klipsch, BGW, dbx and more.

Most systems are priced with redundant key equipment included to assure there are no last minute surprises.

Systems able to cover up to 500 people are in stock and ready to roll at all times. Larger systems can be configured at your request.

With By Request Communications, Inc. as your partner, your message will come through loud and clear every time!

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